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Decimonovena emisión gúmbica

Decimonovena edición gúmbica! Combinando los ritmos más bailables de manos de The Reverend Hotfoot Jackson.
El programa se emite cada lunes a las 19 horas en

Puedes escuchar el programa aquí:
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01. Ray Charles – Mess Around
02. Bo Diddley – You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover
03. The Pretty Things – Come See Me
04. Downliners Sect – Why Don’t You Smile Now
05. The St. Johns – She’s So Fine
06. The Pirates – Cuttin’ Out
07. Charles Gray Les Watson & The Panthers – Don’t Do It
08. Guitar Red – Just You And I
09. The Terrifics – Loco
10. The Aztecs – Damelo Baby
11. Terry & The Topics – Where’s My Pussycat
12. Del Shannon – Keep Searchin’ (We’ll Follow The Sun)
13. Mohammed Rafi – Jaan Pehechaan Ho
14. Betty Dickson – Shanty Tramp
15. The Pleasure Seekers – What A Way To Die
16. Dolly Parton – Puppy Love
17. Kenneth Rogers – We’ll Always Have Each Other
18. Harold Jenkins – I Need Your Lovin’ Kiss
19. Jackson Toombs – Kiss-A Me Quick
20. Rusty & Doug Kershaw – Diggy Liggy Lo
21. Harrison Fontenot – La Tortillage (Cajun Twist)
22. Hasil Adkins – Truly Ruly
23. Freddy Koenig And The Jades – Hey Clarice

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